The Crazy Professor

From: R500.00

  • 2 Players – R250 per person
  • 3 Players – R240 per person
  • 4 Players – R230 per person
  • 5 Players – R220 per person
  • 6 Players – R210 per person

Wendesdays and Thursdays discounted by R20 per person


Your friend and colleague, Prof Kimia, is one of the leading scientific brains in the world. Although always a bit eccentric, he has become increasingly paranoid while working on his latest research project. Rumours are that he spends days locked in his office, only seen when receiving strange parcels including scrap metal or when lecturing his Physics class.

In your last encounter with him, Prof Kimia was evasive and muttered that you are trying to steal his research before running away. Concerned for his health and mental wellbeing, you and several of your colleagues decide to investigate. You steal his office keys at the start of his one-hour Physics lecture and need to return the keys before the lecture finishes.

Has Prof Kimia gone crazy?