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Just Breakout offers a fun, entertaining, enjoyable and a world phenomenon escape room experience in Pretoria . Players have 60 minutes to think outside the box to solve a variety of puzzles, using given clues, to achieve the ultimate mission or task. Our escape rooms are designed to be challenging but also fun, searching for clues, solving puzzles, figuring out what to do next and yes even asking the game facilitators for a few tips if or when needed. We want everyone playing to have a great and memorable experience.

Just Breakout is perfect for team building and having fun with friends, family and work colleagues. You need to work as a team of 2-6 people to either escape from The War Room or solve the mystery of The Crazy Professor. We have a live booking system, so you can choose a day and time that suits you best, and pay online to book your spot.


Are you are up for the challenge?

We currently have our signature escape room, “The War Room”, where you escape from prison to get evacuated to safety.

Our new and exciting second room, The Crazy Professor will be launched soon. This will give you the opportunity to not only experience one escape room but two, just enough time to develop a strategy and work up an appetite for another great adventure and experience. Even if you have played various escape rooms before come and give ours a try, you will not be disappointed!!!


Our Funfilled
Escape Rooms

The War Room

The War Room is loosely based on the 2nd World War. You are allied intelligence officers and prisoners of war. The German soldiers have abandoned their posts for an hour while attending some entertainment in town. They think you are secure in your cells, but actually there is a way to escape… Now is your chance to get out alive but you only have an hour before it’s too late…


  • You do not need to know anything about war history to play.

The Crazy Professor

Your friend and colleague, Prof Kimia, is one of the leading scientific brains in the world. Although always a bit eccentric, he has become increasingly paranoid while working on his latest research project. Rumours are that he spends days locked in his office, only seen when receiving strange parcels including scrap metal or when lecturing his Physics class.

In your last encounter with him, Prof Kimia was evasive and muttered that you are trying to steal his research before running away. Concerned for his health and mental wellbeing, you and several of your colleagues decide to investigate. You steal his office keys at the start of his one-hour Physics lecture and need to return the keys before the lecture finishes.

Has Prof Kimia gone crazy?


We cater for groups of friends or families, church groups, bachelors and bachelorettes parties, corporate events and team building. For corporate events, prior booking will be required, fill in the contact form or pop us an email, at [email protected],  and then someone will get in touch with you.



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